Retailers and distribution business cooperation
Our cooperation retail store who is our top partners has become the best in class in bicycle retail. Today's rider has high expectations regarding product quality, customer service and selection, which they expect to find within a well-designed, advanced retail environment like our retail stores. Please visit our partner retail stores and Abeya company, we provide our customers with quality service and answers.

Retailers and distribution business cooperation
Abeya will welcome the long-term specialty retailers and bicycle
cycling team to expand with our business cooperation; we offer
a set of preferential cooperation content and quality service details. We provide with the most advanced bicycle products special for retailers and the cycling team, we will conduct an analysis and clear answers for every situation. We will provide all technical support for professional riders and customers , and best products and services for retailers and cycling team cooperation. By giving bicycles and equipment space and performance, the company has maintained a strong Abeya professionalism and expertise of a professional team to provide the ideal for the discerning rider and customer choice atmosphere.
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